VROADCASTER is the first Virtual Reality framework for organisations looking to build long term relationships and unlock sustainable value for their customers & business stakeholders.

The platform allows companies to explore how to develop professional relationships in a virtualized world. From brands wanting to entertain, to organisations offering training, or institutions engaging with multiple stakeholders, our unique framework can help businesses embrace innovation throughout their organisation

Multiple Camera Feeds

It provides content in multiple formats such as 2D, 180 and 360 videos, both live and on demand, letting users enjoy rich experiences combining content with dynamic overlays, interactive courses and multi-user tools with real time communication.

Custom Environment & Features

It offers personalisation features, user management, data tracking, as well as multiple monetisation tools such as premium content, advertising, and vr-commerce.

Business Oriented

VROADCASTER is the perfect solution to take training, tourism, finance and entertainment beyond through the use of the latest and most innovative technologies. 

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